Tao Kong (孔涛)

Research Scientist@Bytedance AI Lab
Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Robotics

Email: taokongcn@gmail.com
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Tao Kong is currently a research scientist at Bytedance AI Lab. Before that, he received Ph.D. degree of computer science in Tsinghua University with honors, under the supervision of Prof. Fuchun Sun.

From Oct 2018 to Mar 2019, he visitted Grasp Lab in University of Pennsylvania, supervised by Prof. Jianbo Shi. Previously, he co-founded a promising start-up company, which aimed at machine vision based industry products. He also interned at VC Group of MSRA(with Dr. Jifeng Dai and Dr. Han Hu) and Cognitive Computing Lab of Intel (with Dr. Anbang Yao).

We are recruiting self-motivated interns / full-time researchers and developers in vision / language understanding, and cross-modal machine learning. If you are interested, please drop me an email.

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